Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
Here is a list of dreamy items from Etsy that I would love to have! Please feel free to purchase any or all of the above in time for Christmas!
Love, Heather
1. The most precious bags with hand stamped cute! These are from my blogger friend, Alli's Etsy Shop, Hooray Design. I love her store!
2. A beautiful bangle created by Magnolija Dress. Her creations are so dream-like! I love this beautiful bangle. It is called the Snow with Cream cute?!
3. This beautifully silver plated bowl that has been painted and turned into a chalkboard! So Cute! This extraordinary little beauty can be found in a shop on Etsy that is based in my hometown of Birmingham, AL, The French Flea Shop.
4. These beautiful tags are from the Etsy shop, Seasonal Delights. I placed an order at her shop a couple of weeks ago and received my beautiful Christmas tags and hand stamped ribbon. She is an artist! Her work is so nostalgic and sweet! Love her work!
5. Okay, this necklace just blows my socks off! I think if wouldn't brighten any one's day, don't you? I think I might have to break down and buy this for myself before Christmas! What a beauty! The necklace and other beautiful pieces can be found here, Miss Bee Designs.
6. Last but not least, is this precious, old typewriter. I have always wanted one and I think this one is so darling. The typewriter isn't the only vintage piece, Lovely Vintage, etc. has. This Etsy store is heavenly if you love old and beautiful things!
In other news, I will be putting up my Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations in my room this week! I am so excited. My family started decorating for Christmas in early November about 10 years ago. I cheered in high school and my sister twirled, so once the holidays started Mom and Dad ran out of time to decorate, because my sister and I kept them so busy! So, we started doing it on Halloween. It has become a Thomas Family tradition. It is a little strange to have our tree up this early but we do enjoy it. And besides, my Mom takes down our Christmas decorations down on the 25th after all of our family leaves so it sort of balances out, I suppose. Weird family, I know! ha!


Lori said...

Your Christmas list sounds fun! I hope you get it all!

Putting your tree up now is fine if that is a tradition then don't break it!LOL

Visiting from SITS! Happy Halloween!

Fee-AMore said...

Heather, i love this post. It's a happy post we were talking about. Remember? Now you made me look forward to Christmas so much now! And in fact December is my favorite month of all year, cos my birthday fall just few days after X'mas.

Great wish list! Now i should go and make mine! xo

Superdud said...

Just keep your faith in God's what will ultimately pull you thru!!

Juggling Thoughts said...

Hey girl, I really like your blog! Just stopping in from SITS :)

My personal blog:

I really like the theme of your blog and think we could make a great blog design! I would love to work with you!

Anonymous said...

It is not my place to influence one way or another but I do want you to know that I think your site design is lovely. :)

grateful for Him who is Rock, Fortress, and Might,

Imperfect said...

I'm so glad you stopped by today! I love your previous post - Exodus 14:14 is one of my favorite verses of all time. Okay, off to read more!

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