Thursday, November 19, 2009

I wanted to share sweet Joyeuse!

Hello Everyone.

This sweet little girl is now my sponsored child from Compassion International. I am so excited. Everyone, please meet Joyeuse. She and her family live in Rwanda. After Kelly from Kelly’s Korner went on her Compassion trip to El Salvador, so many blogs I was reading either already sponsored a child through Compassion or they have begun their sponsorship in the past few days. I visited the Compassion website and only two words come to mind: overwhelmed and heartbroken. So many precious faces staring at was I ever going to choose? I started looking through the pages of children from Africa because I have had an affection for Africa for several years that I can’t really explain. So many faces were piercing my heart and then I saw Joyeuse and the tears came rolling down my face and I knew that I had found "my child".

I waited a few days. I didn’t want to rush into this because it is a big commitment and I wanted to make sure that it was something that the Lord wanted me to do. I know that sounds crazy! Why wouldn’t God want me to sponsor one of His precious children? But I wanted to make sure that I heard God and not myself. So, I canceled my Netflix subscription (the money I used for Netflix I am now going to send to help Joyeuse) and I waited a few days. Seriously, I think I have enough movies of my own. I can do without Netflix. Tuesday night, I made if official and I am now Joyeux’s sponsor. I am so happy. I shared it with my family last night and they are equally excited and want to help too. Yay! So, to the many Compassion International Sponsors out there, thank you so much for speaking to my heart.


Yasmin said...

oh, she is so beautiful!! I am very happy for you both :D For a long while, a friend and I have talked about sponsoring a child together through Compassion International (because of the exchange rate, it works out to a bit more money in my currency). I'm praying that we will be able to do so in the New Year. The two of you will be in my prayers :-)

quietspirit said...

The church I was in for several years had children they sponsored through the denomination. My situation was that I couldn't sponsor one by myself. So, I contributed to the support of the Women's group child. Also, my Sunday School class sponsored one. I contributed to help with that child as well.
I presently volunteer with a faith-based nonprofit ministry here in my hometown. We have children we are to more or less sponsor and write to throughout the year. The ministry helps children of the incarcerated and their caregivers.

Heather said...

-Yasmin, thank you for your prayers! :) You will have to let me know if you and your friend are able to sponsor a child. I think that is great that you both want to do it together!
-Cecelia, it sounds like that is a wonderful program to be a part of! I think letter/cards can be so helpful to people in need because it so something tangible that they can go back & read when they are in doubt!
thanks for the support, ladies!
love, heather

Fee-AMore said...

This is such an incredible and beautiful thing you are doing. I am so proud of you dear.

Loves xo

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