Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am so behind. I need to make a list.

{photo from here.}

I feel so behind on life. Do you ever feel that way? Emails are stacking up. I haven't visited my favorite blogs in days. Ah! Frusrating! I just can't seem to keep up! But if you are interested, here are a few things on my mind, etc. I did finish getting my Christmas cards addressed! yay! So, I can check one thing off the list. I still haven't finishd my Christmas shopping, though.
I am listening to this.
I am reading this.
I am watching this.
I can't wait for this!
I want this really bad! It is so pretty.
And finally, I cannot believe Zach Gilford's character, Matt, was written out of Friday Night Lights last night. So sad!

Merry Christmas!


quietspirit said...

Just take things one day at at time. Do what you can and remember you can only do so much.

Making a list is good.

Yasmin said...

I'll echo quietspirit and say just take it one day at a time.

Love what you're up to, especially watching Little Women - I love that movie! I have the video cassette (yeah, so passe!) and now I want to go watch it too :D

alli michelle said...

I can relate, it feels like there is so much to do. I love to make lists, so happy list-making, Heather!

The Pilston's said...

Love that sweater! Call me when your ready to go Christmas shopping!

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