Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hello again, world.

Hello Friends!

No, I haven't completely disappreared...close to it though! Lots of bad days lately but I know that I will see good ones again! I just wish that better days were here already...

Holly keeps me company and keeps me busy! ha! She has learned to "sit". Yay! We are working on "down". She is pretty stubborn and isn't fond of the down position AT ALL! We are starting puppy classes next Friday. I am soooo excited. The classes will last for 8 weeks. I signed up for the ones at PetSmart. They were super helpful and so nice! They don't mind that someone joins me (just in case I faint). They also said that working with Holly in the wheelchair wouldn't be a problem and we could teach her to walk on her leash beside the chair. How cool?! I am really excited about going, just in case you couldn't tell!

Anyway, as usual, I am behind on "life" in general. I get excited to actually get my hair washed these days! I miss your blogs and I hope to try and start getting online and visiting at least one a day and maybe catch up! I also have emails, facebook messages and my sweet Polyvore friends to contact...I am trying, I promise!

Speaking of Polyvore, remember what they did for me for Christmas. ( I still cry when I think or talk about it!) \Well, here it is on me before a doctor's appointment. What do you guys think?!

Just one more photo of Holly.

She is so stingy with her toys! When she changes her mind about what toy she wants to play with, she tries to lay on the other one so I can't get it! I think the Dog Whisperer would disapprove but it makes me laugh!


The Pilston's said...

That sweater is fabulous! Holly is pretty FAB too! She has a great owner too!

alli michelle said...

It looks great, Heather!
Have fun at puppy classes. :)

quietspirit said...

I've been praying for you. Miss you when you can't post. But, I understand.

Anonymous said...

so glad to see you in great spirits!And the sweater looks great

Barbara F(Vancouver)

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