Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello. Questions & Advice of Technical Nature and a Random Photo

Hello All. Happy Friday.

So, I just bought Photoshop Elements 7 off of Ebay and it arrived today. I am interested in using it to create things for my blog & perhaps try my hand at digital scrapbooking.

It is very overwhelming to me. To say that I am technologically challenged is an understatement. So, I am sending out an SOS into the the blogosphere and internet world and ask if there is anyone who has any tips, tricks, good tutorials, websites, etc., if you have time, perhaps you could contact me and help me get started.

I am going to try and play with it some this weekend. I will see if I can figure anything out...?

Totally off subject but I found this photo on my computer...somewhere deep inside! ha! This is from my 21st birthday. I think we were in a fabusous store called April Cornell. I love hats! I think this photo has a lovely Valentiney feel because of all the pink & pastels!

Happy Valentines!

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