Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project Life

Well, isn't the normal Project Life Tuesday. But I am pleased to finally be participating again! Yay for that!
Since I getting so sick, the camera has been tucked away and I rarely felt motivated to get it out. But there were a few instances that I wanted to capture.
I don't know any of the dates of these photos but here are a few highlights from the last month.

And before we continue, I edited my photos but the edited versions won't load. They only upload into blogger as the original versions. II have been having lots of trouble with that lately and I am not sure where the problems is. Anyway...moving on.

Little Holly. She is my sweet baby. I love her to pieces! And I think she loves me too. For the last month, she hasn't done anything but lay my stomach and sleep with me. She is so sweet. And the sweetest thing is that she know when I am upset and crying. She always gets so antsy a crawls up on my shoulders and tries to lick my face. (Which she knows she isn't supposed to do.) It just melts my heart.

I am not really sure whose bed this is exactly? Mine or Hers? The jury is still out!

I think this was one Sunday. Every came down and we all laid in the bed. All of us were tired and about to go to bed. So no one was really up for some head shots...

I know! This is sooo attractive!

One Tuesday my friend Gillian sent me a belated birthday gift. It was a lovely  gift box for a company called The Popcorn Factory. It was a cute little box with different flavored popcorn, chocolates and candies. I would eat any of it for several days because it was too cute to open up!
And the same day, my Mom stopped by Target for me and picked up Country Strong. It was a good day! :)

The view out of my bedroom has been gorgeous (when I don't leave the shade drawn)!

And I have basically been eating bowls and bowls of strawberries everyday! They have been so good. And every once in awhile, I will spice them up with a couple of brownies. :)

Happy Tuesday!



Erin said...

That gift basket is so fun! And my pup is a bed hog too. :)

Kelli said...

I love your puppy friend. I love that you are so real and honest. I want to visit you so bad, so we can chat and have coffee. How far are you from Lynchburg, VA?

Love that you have a foot photo, just chillin' together ;) <3

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