Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Never Giving Up

I stared this post on Sunday evening and it started like this...

"I think it is okay to call last week a rough week. Unfortunately, no good news this week.Well, I take that back. There is always a little good news. Sometimes, I just have to dig deep to find it."

Well, I am glad that I didn't have the energy to finish because yesterday (Monday) was a GREAT day!  My GI doctor has yet to come to the bottom of my problems, despite is thorough evaluations and tests.
I went to the ER twice over the weekend with those same horrible spells! (Are y'all tired of seeing that word yet?!) My visit Sunday was terrible. It was my 7th visit since July and it was suggested that my pain was due to a Psychiatric problem. My Mom and I were devastated. When you have something that people don't understand and you know that it is in fact, VERY real and VERY painful...to be told that it is in "your head" is so painful to the spirit. It cracks it a little bit and it takes a while for that feeling to heal. 
I received a call yesterday from the office of a respected Pelvic Pain Specialist that they had a last minute cancellation and they needed me there in an hour. Now, keep in mind that:
1. I live 40 minutes from his office and 2. I was still in my PJ's!  3. I had to get there because my original appointment wasn't until January.
Somehow, someway we got there in time!
You guys, this doctor was amazing. Everything you could ask for in a doctor, this man was. He was kind, understanding, compassionate, honest and most importantly he validated my frustration and how painful these spells are.
After spending over an hour with him, we decided to precede with a laparoscopic procedure. He wants to get inside my abdomen and try and find what is causing my problem-whether it be scar tissue from my previous surgeries after the car accident or something like endometriosis. Normally, the procedure would be done through or around the naval but because my incision from my 3 previous surgeries is right next to my naval, a two inch incision will be made under my left rib cage. I will be in the hospital overnight for pain management and evaluation. 

He did warn me that with so many previous surgeries that this was a risky procedure for me. He said that there was a much higher risk of injury to my intestines (again from previous surgeries and the possibility that large amounts of scar tissue will be present). He also told me that there was a 20% to 50% chance that there would be too much scar tissue present and an organ would be damaged and they would have to call in a general surgeon to open my old scar and repair any damage. That does scare me a little but I honestly don't think that will happen. I feel that I am in very good hands.  
The doctor told me that these issues were most certainly not in my head and he honestly didn't know what was wrong but he felt there were big pieces of a puzzle missing and we could get some answers through this procedure. And I completely agree with him.
He told me the procedure could be as early as next week or as far away as next month. So, I don't have a date but I will be sure to update when I know a definite day.

I want to thank you all again so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for your prayers and love. I know that during this time, the Lord will hear prayers on my behalf, and I thank you.
Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for believing me and encouraging me. Thank you for loving me.



Saralee said...

My sweet Heather! What an amazing answer to prayer! God has given you favor in an early appointment! I believe God is going to do His work through this Doctor and help you find the answers you need.I will be praying to that end!Keep the faith dear one!
Love you bunches . . . Saralee

Noemi said...

Wow it's all in your head, that is exactly what the doctors use to say to my mom all the time; I am so happy that the Lord has put this new doctor in your path, I will continue to pray!!! I have been very busy starting a new job on Monday (another prayer answered) and so of course trying to get everything at home that I have been procrastinating on done. Another prayer answered is my daughter finally was admitted to the bar so as soon as she gets sworn in, she can officially start practacing :) You are amazing!
♥ Noemi
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Tracy said...

Wow, Heather, I sure hope this is going to be what you need! Praise God that you were able to see this doctor.

~ Good day journey ~ said...

Greeting from Thailand, :)
This set is for you.
Much love,


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