Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Austin Was Amazing

I am home from Austin and wanted to share some photos from my VERY FUN trip!! Austin is an amazing place! I want to move there. :) I always thought New Orleans was my favorite place but Austin is now on top of my "Favorite Places" List. We did stop in New Orleans on our way to Texas, though. I forgot how completely insane Bourbon Street gets at night. (Just in case you were wondering!)

We had dinner in New Orleans at Emeril's restaurant. It was so good. Kim and her roommate Jimmy. Jimmy is a traveling genius. I want him to plan all my vacations...he planned us a great trip. Please note this is the only photo of the 3 of us! :( I always had Jimmy take our photos and never got one with him. I am such a nerd!

 My best friend Kim.

Beautiful view of Austin nature. 

Some very yummy food trucks on South Congress Street. We had cupcakes! They were delicious! 

This photo was taken with my iphone so its color is a little off. We were at a restaurant called Shady Grove. I had the most amazing sandwich in the history of the world! It was called the "hippie chick". Grilled veggies and chicken on some very good bread!  

That amazing "hippie chick". Seriously, doesn't that look great?!

Our itinerary for our final day. I rested the first half of the day so I really did start out until number 6! :) But I still count it as a very successful day!

Our last night in the great city of Austin. I was pretty excited about this photo!

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me well wishes for this trip and prayed for me while I was gone. I am so happy I was able to go! I am so very thankful! 


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Noemi said...

Fantastic photos Heather, so glad that you had a great time, and so happy for you; maybe you may want to share a photo on my travel fanpage if you'd like... The sandwich sure looked delicious and the name Well who wouldn't want to try it with that name!
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