Sunday, December 7, 2008

My favorite bag!

This is my favorite bag! It is HUGE! I bought it at Target during the fall for less than $20. I carry it everywhere and it goes with everything. I know this is a silly post but I have been wanting to post about my terrifically, wonderfully bag for quite some time.

I went out this past Saturday to do a little Christmas shopping at my all time favorite store, ever-Anthropologie! I will have to post some pictures soon of the wonderful goodies that I got. I also need to post some photos of my bedroom decorated for Christmas because it is rather cute and all "Christmas-y" in a definite "Heather, pastel" kind of way.

I have paid dearly for my day out but my goodness, it is so worth it. I spent the day with my Mom and Dad and we had the best time. W laughed and smiled. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant and we had hot chocolate. It just does not get any better.

Merry Christmas everyone!

PS: A thanks to Kiki for the secret on how to fake Polaroids! :) Thank you girlie! I owe you one!


laitae said...

Oh, I looove your bag! Size, color - just perfect! And those little shoes in the pic are also great:))
So nice to hear that you had a good time! Treasure those moments:)
Love, Agnieszka

memorykeeper said...

Oh Heather, you are just so cute! hehe I would post about that bag also. I love to find deals like that. I love that bag!

Soul Anchor said...

hi sweetie!!! i agree with laitae and memory keeper! i love huuuuge bags, and i love the color of your bag too :D went new year shopping for one, myself. LOL happy new year dearest!

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