Saturday, October 17, 2009

sweet simple things.

My photo has nothing really to do with my post. I just love that Anthropologie teacup and I was so excited that it was cool enough to drink some hot Tazo tea! Yes, hot tea makes my weekend complete. What can I say? I am simple girl.

In far more exciting news, I was able to see my two best friends last night! (I am so tired and very sick today but I don't mind; last night was well worth it!) Kim moved to Maryland two years ago to teach high school math because she just rocks! My friend Becca and I cheered together in high school and I haven't seen her since February. And my dear blogger friends that is just a crime! So, I rested up all day on Thursday and Friday. My sweet Mom carried me to Tuscaloosa amidst the Homecoming traffic and I had dinner with Kim at place called, Tokyo. I had Sushi and and I loved it! I also had Edamame (steamed soybeans with course sea salt) for the first time. They were actually good! My Mom is used to driving me places and waiting in the car for me. (She is so good to me.) After dinner, Mom carried me over to the University of Alabama campus where Becca's in-law's were tail-gating in their motor home. And to top all the excitement, Becca's sweet baby Jay was there! He has gotten so big! He will be 1 on December 10. I got to feed him and we played "This Little Piggy".

I haven't seen any people besides family and doctors in months. Last night was like Disneyland for me! I cried after I got home and got in the bed. I was so happy.

Although fatigue has set in and a monster of a migraine is knocking on my door, the euphoria from last night has not worn off. Best friends. Babies. Cold Weather. Hot Tea. God is so good!

"Praise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and all comfort." - 2 Corinthians 1:3


quietspirit said...

Yes, Praise the Lord for the good time you had. Some of us can't be as active as we once were, myself included.

Anonymous said...

Dear One ~
Your description cheered me so much! As a person who can VERY much relate (I am 'paying dearly' today for an outing that I very much enjoyed, though it wasn't easy, yesterday), I want you to know I am praying that the 'after~effects' don't tarnish the bright joy.
Praying you will receive strength & peace,

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