Friday, November 27, 2009

Friends are delightful.

My friend, Jerica stopped by my house today. I didn’t take any pictures because I wasn’t feeling well, I was in my pajamas and I looked pretty rough! I did take a picture of what she brought me.
Thanksgiving 2009 067
This is a unique take on "re-gifting"! I gave this to Jerica when we were 11. I am not sure what the occasion was but I know I gave it to her only a few months after the car accident and Jerica was the greatest friend there ever could be to me during that time. I can say, without a doubt that God used her greatly in my life. I wrote the little poem on the poster. It says:
"My Best Friend is wild and crazy
Well spoken and never lazy.
She’s to the rescue when I call.
She makes sure I never fall.
She's there through good and bad,
thick and thin.
And we will always be best friends."

Jerica has held on to this after all these years. She said that it always makes her smile when she looks at it and hoped that it would make me smile during this tough time.
Jerica is just one of those friends that no matter how long we have not seen one another, we just pick right up where we left off. (We haven’t seen each other since August of 2008!)
I have known Jerica since I was 4. She really is a great friend and a great person. She is a true woman of God and I admire her greatly.
Here are a few photos of the two of us during happier times!

New Orleans!! 011

New Orleans 2006

kim's old lady 025 

August 2007
A little impromptu dancing in the Cheesecake Factory parking lot...always memorable.

jerica's wedding 023

Summer 2006
Jerica’s Wedding Day! Since we were 4 years old we planned on putting flowers in one another’s hair on our big day. The flowers were quite as elaborate as our 4 year-old selves had planned but this was a 20-year moment in the making. I will cherish this memory forever.

The Beautiful Bride. My Beautiful Friend.

jerica's wedding 034

Thanks for coming by Jerica. I am glad that we both know that we are praying for one another! And thank you for my trip down memory lane! love ya!
Are you blessed to have a friend like Jerica? I hope so!
Love. Heather

Remember everyone! I want your address so that I can send you a Christmas card! For more information, read this post!

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