Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello. Will be back soon.

Hello Friends.

I know that I have a lot of blogs to check, emails & Facebook messages to return and a few phone calls to make. I appreciate your love and prayers and your emails of encouragement so much! Every email you send to me, I save in a folder called "Pick Me Ups". I go back and read them when I am feeling blue. I haven't felt very good this week. (But no fainting!) Last night my sister and I went over to a friends house to have dinner and play games. It was fun but so exhausting. I have been in bed all day today and plan on being here a few more days but my time with the girls was wonderful and I don't mind that I feel bad because of the fun that I had.

I have some photos and other things to share but I am just too tired right now. So thank you for being patient. Hopefully, I will get back here in a couple days.

Wanted to share this photo. My sweet Mama decorated my room for Christmas earlier this week. This is my view from my bed. And since this is where I am I these days, I just don't think my view could get any better! Do you? I think it is gorgeous! (I know that I am a little biased!)


Yasmin said...

Your room is gorgeous! Praying for you, that you feel better soon :-)

2 Corinthians 12:9

quietspirit said...

I like the decorations. You are on my prayer list.

Kelly said...

You're room is too cool, I love it (and you)!

alli michelle said...

The decorations are so festive! Looks so pretty. I hope you have a good week this week!

Fee - AMore said...

no you are not biased. it's indeed gorgeous! xo

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