Thursday, November 5, 2009

A new look! What do you think?

Hello! Notice anything different? haha! My blog has been totally made-over and I am head over heels, in love with it! As we would say in the south, "Ain't it purdy?"

Emily, aka,
The Blog Fairy, came to my rescue and created this new and wonderful place for me to share my thoughts and for you all to come and visit. I find it much more pleasing to the eyes than the old blog! Dont you?
So, Emily, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have made my day! (Actually, with this amazing job, I think you "made" the next several days too!)

I am fixing to go to bed but I couldn't go to bed without first saying thank you to Mrs. Emily and thank you to my parents. This was an early Christmas present from them. So, thank you very much Mom and Dad!

PS: Look to the top left and see will see my blog button. Feel free to add the button to your blog so others will know that you are getting a daily dose of Hope!


emily w. said...

Thank you Heather. It was such a pleasure working with you. Enjoy the new look!

Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your header is so cute, I love it =)

pk said...

I don't know what it looked like before, but it looks great now! Congrats on the new blog home. Stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a good day...


alli michelle said...

I am so excited for you! Looks amazing! (And I cannot wait for you to receive those camera bags, thanks so much for your support.)
Have a good weekend. :)

kat said...

I thought...I know I've visited heather before and yet this blog is new to me...then I read down your posts and discovered you'd had a new look since my last visit!!
It's beautiful, the color scheme and little birds, all v special
now I'll finish my comment so I can read on, oh and btw I was sorry to read about your symptoms above, (do you know of Dr Bell's research to do with ME and low blood pressure if you google it I'm sure it'll come up)
love n angel hugs kat x

kat said...

Ps I mentioned the research as I forgot and thought you had CFIDS or ME but I see on your about me page that it's not,it's a different condition, so you prob wouldn't need to follow that up honey. It's just about fainting and stuff with regard to low b pressure
night night then Xx

quietspirit said...

This is so neat. I am happy for you.

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