Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ice Castle

Just a random post...

I love this movie. I saw it a couple of years ago for the first time. I would have LOVED it when I was little. I know I would have put on my socks and tried to skate in the kitchen, afterwards. With all of the amazing Olympic ice skating going on, I just had to watch it again. It is still so good. I love the music and it always makes me cry. (But that isn't saying much because I cry at the drop of a hat.)

Has anyone seen the new version of Ice Castles? It wasn't very good. I didn't like it all and I was hoping that I would.

Anyway...I told you this post was random!

Any favorite Olympic moments? I want to see a video of the Canadian Ice Dancers performance but I haven't seen one yet. I thought the female ice skater from South Korea was stunning last night.

But I must say, I am ready for the Olympics to end and regular programs to return. I don't mean to sound like a scrooge but I really do miss regualr tv!

1 comment:

Fee-AMore said...

Oh, i haven't seen this movie before. I would love to now. Goodness, the music can make me cry. So moving. I wish i could skate like that.

Anyway, i always enjoy your random posts! Loves!

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