Monday, May 3, 2010


I hope everyone had a good weekend. We had horrible, horrible weather in the South this weekend. Barometric pressure really, really affects my Dysautonomia. So I spent most of my weekend, like this!

How attractive is that? You can see Holly's little foot sticking out of the bottom corner of photo. She is really good to me when I am sick. And in case you were wondering, that is heating pad on my head! ha!

Today was a little better. I had a couple of hours today that I was up and moving around the house a little bit. It has been okay. Just tired and achey.

Glad that I could share a little good news for a change.


Kate said...

Hi Heather,

You actually look pretty cute with your flowery heating pad on your head and a dog under your chin!

It's miserable to be at the mercy of the barometric pressure going up and down. I hope that your weather goes back to normal and that you are feeling better soon.

I connected with you on polyvore this week, and have been catching up on reading your blog. I'm so glad I found you!

(gentle)hugs from California

Faith said...

Hope you start feeling better soon!! :) Cool heating pad!! I was just thinking about investing in a new one!! :)

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