Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy "Holly" Days to Me!

This past Saturday, December 11 marked mine and Holly's first year together. She is such a little angel.
I am now a crazy person who is in love with their dog! I never thought that could happen!I now understand why there is a seletction of "pet cards" in  Hallmark. Until now I thought that was pretty crazy. But when I bought my Dad two Father's Day cards-one from me and one from Holly, I knew that my crossing over to the dark side was complete! ha
Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010

Holly is the best dog there has ever been. (Yeah, I know I am little bias!) We know one another. She knows when I am sick. She knows when I have a headache. She knows when I can't play. She knows right where to find me, when my parents say, "Let's go see Mama!" She LOVES socks! Socks are her favorite toy. She has now learned how to find them and pull them through the slats in the laundry basket. I call her my little sock monkey. She loves her toys. She usually can't decide which ones she wants to play with and tries to put both in her little mouth! So cute, I am telling you!

Sweet. So very sweet.

Winter 2009

Summer 2010

Please tell could you not love this?

Merry Christmas!

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The Pilston's said...

Dogs have gotten me through some tough times. They never replace human friendship, but sometimes it's nice to have an ear to listen to you and someone who loves you unconditionally. So glad you have Holly. Pets are good for our mental heath. :) Love the beautiful Christmas card. Yours is on the way.

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