Monday, January 24, 2011

My own Friday's Frills!

I had my very own fun filled, live action Friday's Frills, this past Friday. It was so much fun! I have wanted to get out of the house with a big-o list of things to do and just paint the town red. I totally got to do that! And I took a bazillion photos just for extra fun. :)
Out of all my cute notepads & pretty post its...I just grabbed a Netflix envelope and wrote my list on it. It worked though. I would also like to add that I was able to get everything on the list except shampoo. That never happens! 

Our first stop was at Petco and then we headed to Target. Target just puts me in a good mood. Don't y'all love Target too?

Mom getting some storage tubs for her China. 

Me, trying on a headband that I ending up buying and wearing the rest of the day.

The cashier was not amused by my photo taking at the check out. I tried to explain that I had a blog and I needed my Friday photos for Project Life but she was like, "Hey crazy girl, get on with it." Oh well. 

Next was lunch & dessert at our favorite bakery, Edgar's. I got a fried green tomato BLT. Yeah, it is so good. And we got cupcakes. 

We went to Belk's. They were having a massive shoe sale but I sadly didn't find any that I liked. There were some really unattractive shoes at this sale. I can't leave out that before we left, I managed to knock over a rack of sweaters with the wheelchair. Slightly embarrassing, I will say. Fortunately, no one was around and Mom quickly cleaned up my mess and we were on our way!

And lastly, we went to the movies. I have been wanting to see Country Strong. I know the reviews haven't been that great but we loved it! It was so good. I promptly came home and downloaded a couple of the songs on my iPod. 

Our last photo of the day. We are in front of the theater. It was freezing and this photo was taken in hurry! 

It was such a fun day, y'all. I am so thankful that I felt like going out. I hope I can do it again sooner rather than later! :)



Kelli said...

you are adorable! I love these photos. Your yellow coat rocks! I have a green one I bought from should check them out, I think you'd love them :) I love target and shoe sales...we should shop together! :)

Heather said...

Oh, Kelli! You are so sweet! :) Yes, I love my yellow coat. I got it on sale last year from Lands End for like $10! That made me love it even more! I will have to check out Ruche because I love your green coat! :)

The Pilston's said...

YEAH! Such a fun day! We actually ate at Savage's on Saturday. Sounds like a battle of Birmingham bakeries! I love seeing pictures of your smile (and your moms too).

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