Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life Week 3

 Sunday, January 16
Okay, I know I am going to sound strange but I think Deer Park water taste "funny." I don't know why. It's water! What tastes funny about water? But this water does. So I add my favorite package of Lipton instant tea, Mandarin & Mango. It is so yummy!

Monday, January 17
I have this note on my bookcase that is across from my bed. My Mom put this note in my lunchbox the day after I made the cheerleading squad in the 8th grade. It is from 1997. I didn't even know that I still had it but I found it in a keepsake box a few months ago. It makes me happy to look at it, so I decided to keep it out and I can look at it all the time. 

Tuesday, January 18
Tuesday is officially "Carrie comes today." Carrie is my home health care nurse that comes once a week and begins my IV infusions. I usually use a little pump that is in a fanny pack (you can laugh, it is funny looking!) and it takes about 10 hours to finish my fluids but last week we decided to try the bag with just gravity. It was faster but I was scared to move because it was so sensitive. I think I will go back to the pump this week. Even after all these months, it is strange to have an IV pump beside my bed. I just haven't gotten used to it. But I would rather be at home with an IV than at a hospital ANY DAY! 

Wednesday, January 19
Holly likes to curl up right beside me when it is really cold outside. But she also doesn't like for me to put my arm on her. So she squirms around until she is on her back and then tries to kick my arm off of her. It makes me laugh so hard! I don't let her have her way with this one though. I would like to be comfortable too! So, my arm will just be in her way.

Thursday, January 20
I had a couple of letters to write myself this week! My address book is Rachel Ashwell for Target and my In Touch clutch is from an Etsy store, downstairs Designs. I wish that the post office had pretty international stamps. So, Mr. Post Master General, just in case you read this, please create a pretty international stamp. Thank you! :)

Friday, January 21
Oh my gosh! I had the best day! It was soooo much fun! Mom and I ran some errands, had lunch and went to the movies! Oh, I just can't tell you how fun it was! Well, actually I told you already! I love the Target accessories department. They have great stuff, don't they?!
I also love my sweet Mama! I know we all think our moms are the best but mine really is! :) {I am not biased in the slightest!}

Saturday, January 22
Yeah, photos were not happening today. I didn't get out of bed...at all. I  am not sure that I even rolled over! I didn't mind it though because Friday was so fantastic! Really fantastic! I knew that I would be sick on Saturday but Holly kept me company, I listened to my iPod because I  had new songs from the Country Strong Soundtrack and thought about how fun Friday was. Saturday's photo is a screen shot from my iPod. It is my old blog design. I wanted to take a picture because I didn't want to forget how cute it was. A big thanks to the ladies at Smitten Blog Designs for working with me and creating my new blog look!

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for coming to visit me! 
I will be linking up at Jessica's blog for Project Life Tuesday. :)



Kelli said...

1. I'm so happy to see you in a photo :) YAY! 2. I adore that note from your mom, I hope my kids keep all my notes :) 3. I need to see that movie...I don't think I've heard of it, but I love new music for the ol' pod! 4. Happy PLT girlfriend! 3 weeks and we are already bloggin' buddies, I love it!

Kelli said...

sooooo who do you write to? family, friends? just curious...I have 2 friends that live over seas that I have long forgotten to keep with the ol' pen and paper since our we now have email and fb...but you are right it's not the same.

Heather said...

I know, I love our new blog buddy relationship! :D
I have "met" most of my overseas friends through polyvore. it is this really awesome fashion & art community(www.polyvore.com)
Others are friends that I have met through blogging.
Thanks heavens for the internet!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Looks like a super fun week...so glad you and your mom got to hang out...

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