Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad day & Ice Cream

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday.
I started feeling bad while I was in the exam room waiting for the doctor to come in. I thought to myself, how horrible would it be if I just fainted on this table. I would certainly hurt myself and with the lovely hospital smock on, everyone would surely see my blue granny panties.
*Note to self...always, always wear white undies. No matter what the situation.*
I was getting dizzy and my ears were ringing. Nausea just came in waves. My heart was racing. Oh, my gosh. I cannot do this now. 
Well, thankfully I didn't. The doctor came and went. I was fine. I still felt bad but I didn't faint. I didn't fall off the exam table and no one saw my blue granny panties. I was totally going to be fine.
And then...
I went to check out and schedule some tests. My Mom, chairs and my walker were just on the other side of the door. "Just hang on", I told myself. I was going to be able to sit down in just second.
I know I made it to the receptionist's desk.
I know I gave her my paperwork. 
Next, I opened my eyes and I was on the floor with 8 faces staring down at me.
Between steps 2 &'s a little fuzzy.

My purse was strewn across the floor and I only had on one shoe.
Yeah, I have seen better days.
Everyone was so nice.  One of the doctors even fed me ice chips, while my doctor elevated my legs to get the blood back to my heart and brain. So nice. Everyone was so sweet. I was so embarrassed but they were so kind. I have a love/hate relationship with doctors.
This group restored my faith in doctors and their nurses. Honestly.

So, I am in bed. Where else? Holly and I are watching Brothers & Sisters on Netflix and I am hoping that tomorrow will be better.

But just in case it isn't, I treated myself to a cup of chocolate ice cream and some crumbled Reese Cups for extra measure.


Faith said...

Ice cream is the best! Hopefully you're feeling better today! Hugs!

Kelli said...

oh boo. but you are my kinda girl, ice cream makes everything better and reeses to boot! we are kindred spirits I do believe. ooo hugs hugs hugs!

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