Saturday, January 8, 2011

The South and Snow

The South and snow is such a love-hate relationship. We love snow because we never get to see it. Here in Alabama a snowfall is as mystical as unicorns and pots of gold at the end of a rainbows.
And when it finally does snow-a whole inch- we close roads, schools, businesses and we are without power for days at a time. ah! But we do get to eat snowcream and build snowmen. So, you just have to take it has it comes!
Snow and/or ice is headed our way. Bread and milk were gone by Thursday in these parts. My mom has cooked us some yummy soups and we are ready to spend some quality time by the fireplace for the next couple of days! (Hopefully the electricity will be on during the quality time.)

Christmas Day 2010 Snow

Happy Snowday! Wherever you are!

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

They are predicting that snow is headed to Seattle by Wednesday... burrr!!

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