Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday's Frills

I {heart} February. Love is in the air. There are so many awesome ways to tell someone that you love them! I mean I am good with the traditional hug and kiss but Valentine's Day gives us a reason to do that extra something special! Don't y'all think?

How crazy good are Ms. Martha's conversation heart cookies? So cute!! I think the precious presentation in the bags with the stitching makes them even more special!
Here is the recipe, if you are interested.

I love banners. I think they are so sweet and can be personalized so easily to make any party or celebration special. When I saw this little mini-banner in Mrs. Kwitty's Cottage shop on Etsy, I just about went crazy! How cute and so sweet. You think you are opening a normal Valentine's card but instead you pull out a this beautiful banner that you can put anywhere, anytime! Seriously, so cute. I love it to pieces!

As cold as it has been in most parts of the US (even here in the South!) we could all use these darling fingerless gloves. These were another Etsy find at Quid Essential. They are just so sweet and cozy!

And in a another Valentine's direction, look at these absolutely, perfectly sweet Valentine straws that Olivia Kanaley, from A Field Journal created. I can just imagine drinking some Lorina pink lemonade with them!


And finally, my favorite way to toast Valentine's day, would be to drink a up of tea in these gorgeous & festive tea cups I saw them in the latest O Magazine. They are so precious and totally out of my price range but they melt my little tea cup lovin' heart! They can be purchased here.


i {heart} you all my sweet friends!
happy Friday everyone! 


quietspirit said...

These are cute. I like the tea cups. I love those conversation hearts. Our church has an AGAPE party right before valentines day. We've never been but I like to donate the conversation hearts to the party. They use them as markers when they play AGAPE (Bingo).

christine, just bella said...

I just adore those little heart shaped tea cups!! :)

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