Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a special grace

It takes a special grace to be the sibling of a person with a chronic illness.
It takes great selflessness and a giving heart. 
I can't imagine how difficult it must be to carry the extra load that these special siblings carry when they live day in and day out with another person's illness.

These precious siblings are the unsung heroes of the story of  those who suffer in any way.

I realize that I am very blessed to have such a supportive sister. It breaks my heart to know that she doesn't know me any other way than "sick". I was in the car accident when Haley was 7 and since that time our family has dealt with my health in one way or another much of the time.

There have been times when she has rushed home from time with friends to take care of me. Haley always invites me to spend time with her friends when she goes out and she drives  me to see my friends and waits somewhat patiently for me in the car until I am ready to come home.
I have not always treated Haley like I should. I put way too much pressure on her. I expected her to not only be my sister but I demanded her to be my best friend, my entertainer and my care giver. I think part of me felt like she was healthy and she owed  me that much of herself.
I was wrong to do that. For a time, those demands strained our relationship. 
Fortunately, with help, I saw that I was demanding things of Haley that were not fair. She was already giving more to me than she should have ever have to and she gave of herself willing.
Haley has showed me love in such a way that I cannot put into words. She has showed me how to give and how to love unconditionally.

]My sister is a nurse. I have no doubts in her ability. Her professors always gave her high marks for her treatment of her patients. She is an amazing person. I know that one day very soon she is going to touch so many lives by working as a pediatric nurse. Her kindness and gentleness is going to be a rock for families and their babies on days that they would like to forget.
I know she will do that for them because she is my rock everyday.

This amazing person is who God gave me as a sister and I am so blessed.



Kelli said...

what a beautiful picture of true life between not only sisters but friends :) I love that. you both are so gorgeous!

quietspirit said...

I am an only child, my dad was,by definition,an only child but was raised with cousins. My son is an only child. I have a few close friends but I understand strong the bond between sisters can be.
You did a nice thing here by sharing your love for Haley with us.

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