Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project Life: Week 7

What? It has been 7 weeks since I began Project Life? I don't think I will ever get used to time flying by so quickly. And I also can't believe that I am still taking photos each day -well almost each day. 
This week, I don't know what happen but somewhere between the camera, the cord and the computer some of my photos were lost...? I don't know what happen but there are a couple of days that I just can't find. So, I am few days short this week. 

Tuesday, February  15
These are my favorite markers ever. They are Zip markers that I got years and years ago. I remember getting a pretty good deal on Ebay. After all this time, they are still the perfect marker.

Wednesday, February 16

My Mom was going to be gone all day and we didn't want me up and roaming about the kitchen while I was alone. So, she fixed me some tomato soup for later. She fixed it all pretty in the basket for me. :) 

Thursday, February 17
I have a new nurse and he came on Thursday instead of Tuesday. I had trouble with the IV site all day. I couldn't move my hand and it was really painful. I still had about half a bag of saline left when my hand got terribly painful and started to get puffy. I had to take the IV out but I still had a lot of fluid left...what was I going to do? Um, page nurse Haley of course! ha!
Haley was so nervous. She hasn't started an IV outside of educational environment. She did an really awesome job! No pain or mess! It was perfection! That is right, my sister is just magical and my 24/7 private duty nurse!

Friday, February 18
And what week would be complete without Holly. She is pouting because she can't go upstairs and play with Dad. He thinks that is just hilarious! (And I guess it kind of is!)

Happy Tuesday!

I am linking up Jessica's blog again today. Join us!



Kelli said...

Hi friend! Happy Project Life Tuesday! Dude your iv stuff is crazy! I'm sure you're used to the needles but a las they freak me out! I forgoed my tetnus today, the doc said since i'm not out cutting down trees he thought that was fine.

your dog is too much. i'm thinking your dog is a mini-me to my dog but in white :) i like that.


Erin said...

Sorry about the IV drama. Youch! You are one tough cookie.
And I love your markers! I have a slight marker obsession... :)

FeeAMore said...

Hello Heather
You're missed. I have been so busy lately and i have been missing out all the updates here. Hope you are managing fine. Oh yes, I received your card! Thank you so much for you and all your sweet thoughts. Talk to you soon.

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