Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project Life: Week 12

I have decided to change my Project Life days up a bit. I will still be linking up at Jessica's blog on Tuesdays but I am going to post my photos on Saturdays.
Just in case you were wondering! 

Basically my photos from this week are all about my awesome new camera and the build up to my birthday party that was early today!  All in all, in was a good great week.

Monday, March 21
The day before my birthday, I had two packages arrive from my best friend Kim and my friend Kathryn. As much as I wanted to open them immediately, I saved them to open on Tuesday, my actual birthday.

Tuesday, March 22
Happy Birthday to Me! :) I was 28 on Tuesday but I think I will just pretend that I am only 22. ha! I don't feel 28 at all. But ya know, that is another story!
Mom took me to get a pedicure and my toes thank me! My friend Kim gave me a really pretty comb for my hair and I was happy  that I got to wear that on Tuesday.
Wednesday, March 23
Playing with my new camera again today. These are my gifts from Kim and Kathryn. Isn't the hair comb so pretty? I just love it! And Kathryn sent me a really pretty pocket mirror for my purse. Both gifts were very sweet and such a nice surprise. Thank you ladies!

Thursday, March 24
Y'all, I love this camera! I have been having such a good time playing around with it. I loved how this photo turned out! I have always wanted to know how to take a photo where the foreground is a little blurry and the focus is on the object in background.  (Did that make sense?) Anyway, I thought this turned out so pretty and I was really pleased with myself. And kudos to Mom for planting such pretty irises.

Friday, March 25
Well, my home is buzzing with business. Everyone is rushing around getting ready for my party. I have been banished to downstairs until Saturday. Hmm...I wonder what they are doing up there?! I am very excited about my birthday party. It is nothing big-just me, parents, my sister Haley, her boyfriend Mike and my aunt Ginger. 
I am preparing for the big day too. I am resting up and getting lots of fluids today!

Saturday, March 26
Whew! I can honestly say that I am pooped and don't think that I will be crawling out from the under the blankets for days! But that is okay because I had an amazing day!! My family went above and beyond to throw me the perfect party! I can't wait to share it with you all on Monday (hopefully!) Here is a little sneak.

I feel so loved y'all! That is such a wonderful feeling. My family is such a blessing.
Have a great upcoming week!


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Kelli said...

oh yay! Happy Birthday girl! You look gorgeous darlin'! I love the flower picture, awesomeness. I love the comb from your friend too, so pretty! I hope you had a wonderful day!

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