Tuesday, March 8, 2011

project life week 9

Sunday, February 27

How cute is this? I love my sweet Holly. My uncle had his overalls on because he was on his way to work. He stuck Holly in his front pocket. It was seriously cute. Holly wasn't too happy with the arrangement but I got a good photo out of it, so it is okay if she was momentarily uncomfortable.

Monday, February 28

This is paper weight that I got a weeks ago at TJ Maxx. I love that store!

Tuesday, March 1

My sister's boyfriend, Mike shares a birthday with my dad (the 3rd). He secretly likes the movie, Waitress. I wanted to fix his present up all cute so, I made a little pie gift tag. I was kind of pleased. It felt so nice to make something! I haven't worked on any crafts of any kind in so very long. My insomnia was fruitful that night! ha!

Wednesday, March 2

Okay, this is probably the most boring photo ever but hopefully my commentary will boost its rating! I wrap these "brix" in a pillow case and use them when I am having a migraine.

1. Every time I get one out of the freezer I always sing the words to She's a Brick House by The Commodores.
2. I usually get two at a time-one for each eye- and when they clang together, they really sound like a brick!
3. I have thought that if someone ever broke into the house while I had a migraine, they would have no idea what kind of weapon was waiting for them in that pillow case on my head! Seriously, folks. I think those things could be dangerous! ha! (I also think I may watch to many prison documentaries on the Discovery Channel to know that such an item in a pillowcase could be used as a weapon.)

Thursday, March 3

A sweet sleep puppy. Does this photo really need any explanation? I think not!

Friday, March 4

We celebrated Mike's birthday. He was very sweet about his gift. And he didn't really get that his gift tag was a pie and it went along with his movie but that is okay; he is a guy after all. I don't think they notice such things.

Have a great Tuesday!


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