Monday, May 23, 2011

stopping and starting.

Just when I think I am finding my way back to some bit of normalcy, the world stops spinning again.
I am sad and heartbroken.
Yesterday, Sunday, 22, I had another spell, like the one that I had after my birthday. This one was much worse.
I am so hurt and I feel forgotten by God. Where is He and why isn't He answering my prayers for healing from these beastly, misunderstood spells?!
I am just so sad.
My spirits are very low friends. I humbly ask for your prayers. Please pray for my spirits. Please pray that I hear God's voice and not mine! Please pray that I seek him and don't run from him in anger.
love to you all. 
I may be away from blogging again! I hope to "see" you all very soon!



echlin70 said...

Darling, sweet friend, I am praying so hard that Gods listens to us and finds a cure for you, stay strong Heather ♥♥

echlin70 said...

The last message was from me Lynjane, in Scotland x x x x

Kelli said...

praying right now friend. love you.

Erin said...

So sorry, sweet friend. Praying for you!

Kelli said...

hey I hope you are doing okay, praying and thinking of you :)

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