Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunshine somewhere behind the clouds.

Hello Friends!!
Do you remember me?! How long has it been...
Don't answer that...because it depresses me.

Before I continue, I just want to say that your emails (that I haven't responded to) your beautiful Polyvore sets (that I haven't been able to take in) and your cards and your prayers have really overwhelmed me! You all have been true friends! I drop off the face of the earth -literally- and you all surround me with love and care. I am so thankful for you all!

Well, I will try and explain my absence from the internet. My blog, polyvore...the world really. I was completely bed bound the months of November and December. It was a really lonely and very sad time. I became so sick and so weak. It was just really defeating. I am not going to lie. I was so weak and sick that I couldn't even get online. It just wasn't good. I wasn't able to leave home and do our normal family Christmas traditions-which meant my family stayed home with me. My Mom went out of her way to make sure my bedroom was super-duper "Christmasey"! 

 Oh, I also got an iPad! :) Yay! I am hoping the next time I get dressed to go to the doctor, that I will have enough time to do a little video and put on here. 

I am feeling a little better now that I was before the new year. I am taking a new medicine called Plaquenil. It is used to treat RA and Lupus (as well as other things). It has been the first medicine in a long time that has made a slight difference in my symptoms and I am REALLY excited. It helps with my fatigue. (Which is my number 1 symptom). I am now able to move around the house a little bit easier and I don't get as tired when I talk with my family. I can even eat some meals at the table! HUGE! I know that doesn't sound like much but it really is a huge deal.

Also, I am taking my online class at the University! So, so happy about that!! I feel like I am accomplishing something when I am doing school work. I was worried that after nearly 3 years away from school that I would have a hard time getting back in the swing of things but so far it has been good. I have to pace myself because I get really tired after studying but it is so worth it!

I really have a lot that I want to share with you all.

I love you all so much and I really am going to try and update a little more now that I am able! 
And if any of my Polyvore friends are reading this- I CANNOT wait to get back there to you guys! I miss you all so much!!


Tracy said...

Heather, it's so great to see you posting again. I hope things continue to improve for you.

The Pilston's said...

How exciting is SCHOOL!I'm so happy you are back!!

Noemi said...

Wow, Heather I am so so Happy that you are doing a little bit better, and that we finally hear from you!! As a Polyvore friend, I have sure missed your beautiful sets, they always brought joy and inspiration. I am not going to lie the moment I saw you on Polyvore and now here tears just came to my eyes but of happiness because I know how much you love to be online and make lovely sets, and post on your blog. You are an example to us all when we are down all we have to do is look to you and see the strength that you have and all that you endure. I can imagine how your family decorated your room for the Holidays if you were my daughter I know I would have gone overboard :) and I am so happy that you are able to be back at school. Many blessings to you and your family!
♥ Noemi
Fashion: Classy N Glamorous
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Lilli said...

And Im here to read your post my dear friend, wishing you all the health in the world!! Miss you and please take care!<3

Cherry said...

So glad you are doing better....lots of prayers set your way...hugs to you...Cherry Layne

Kelli said...

oh Heather, it's so good to read you are doing better a little at a time. School! That's awesome, I'm sure it makes you feel like a real person again. I am praying for you friend.

quietspirit said...

Heather; I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. It's wonderful news to hear you are taking classes.

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