Tuesday, November 6, 2012

miracles come in tiny, perfect doses

I take a lot of pills but I am really, really okay with that. For years and years, my family and I have prayed for that one pill. That one, unobtainable, perfect, magic, fix-all pill.  
Yeah, those don't exists. 

But they do make one pill that is pretty dang close to that miracle pill that my family and I have searched for for nearly 15 years. 

One pill. Twice a day.
That did it.
I got my life back and what a life it is.

Plaquenil has been around for a very long time; decades. It was first used to treat malaria, then RA and now it is used forLupus. Being diagnosed with Lupus and being treated for it has absolutely changed my life. It is hard to believe that I wasn't diagnosed for so long. I still have Dysautonomia and Chronic Fatigue but they seem to be secondary disorders to the Lupus. Thus, with the Lupus being well controlled, these disorders are controlled as well. 

I just wanted you all to see what my miracle looks like. I'm also reminded everyday, twice day that I wasn't forgotten or forsaken. That is a pretty awesome reminder! 

More to come on my summer! It was busy and long! I have someone very special that I want to introduce to you all!



quietspirit said...

Congratulations on getting a diagnosis that answered your questions. Praise the Lord.

Noemi said...

Oh Heather I am so happy for you, glad that you have been having better days and that finally there is an answer; I continue praying for you and may you have a wonderful and blessed New Year!
♥ Noemi
aka classy-n-glamorous (Polyvore)

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