Monday, October 29, 2012

Six Months Later...

Hello dearest Friends! 
I'm still here and I'm still doing wonderfully well!
I am so happy to say that!

Six months since my last post. I have sooo many things to share! All VERY wonderful things! God's blessings continue to pour over me and wash me through and through. I have been thinking about my blog a lot lately. My blog is about hope; an anchor, a tool, an ointment, a promise. How can I leave my blog when I feel like so many of my dear friends prayed for me during my journey? My journey is far from over. I feel like I am just beginning in many ways. (So many ways!) I want to share hope from the other side too; not just from bed but from this great and wonderful world that I am able to live in now. I want to shout, "This is my God and this is what HE has done!" 

This summer was wonderful. I traveled constantly! Oh, such great joys!!

New Orleans, LA, Austin, Texas, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Panama City, FL, San Francisco, CA
Or as I like to call it, "The Heather Thomas Celebration Tour"!!
Beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. I have always loved New Orleans but I decided during this trip that I love New Orleans during the day! The crazy people come out at night and it's just a different city. New Orleans in the day is magnificent! (You know because I am such an authority on travel and all.)

My best friend Kim and her roommate Jimmy. My travel companions to New Orleans and Austin. This was our only photo of the 3 of us during our entire trip. 

At my favorite restaurant in Austin, Shady Grove. It was yummy.

 See? Yummy!

Visiting Alex in Indiana!!! Alex and I met several years ago in Arizona and we haven't seen one another since then. It has been about 7 years! It was soooo wonderful to see her and meet her wonderful family!

She is one of my favorite people-ever! I always joked with Alex that she would be the first stop on "The Heather Thomas Celebration Tour". She was the second stop! :)

Beautiful beach trip with friends! 
 The first time I have had a tan in about 10 years!!

And the trip of all trips this Summer was a trip to San Francisco to visit the Polyvore team! Y'all it was amazing!! Just amazing!

 At the airport. On my way! 

My hotel, The Valencia. It was jaw dropping

The famed, Santana Row. Just amazing.

At the Polyvore luncheon with Nadia and Jess.
The Polyvore Office!!! Soooo exciting to see in person!

The Polyvore Staff is truly amazing!! I can't say that enough. Polyvore has encouraged me so much over the years. It is a wonderful community and I am so proud to be a member. They sent me a beautiful Christmas present about 3 years ago because they read one of my blog posts! Not only did they bring a group of us to San Fransisco and treat us like queens but they also gave us a truly outrageous goody bag full of fantastic treats that only Polyvore could pull together! It was an honor and a wonderful to end the Summer!
 "Those who sow with tears
    will reap with songs of joy.
Those who go out weeping,
    carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
    carrying sheaves with them"
Psalm 126: 5-6
I have so much more to share. But it will have to wait. This is much too long as it is. 
So much more good news to come!

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