Friday, December 19, 2008

My dreamy room...

It is a dream come true. About 3 years ago, my dad turned our entire basement upside down and inside out to give me this delightful haven to spend my time when I am feeling bad. Here is what I like to call...heaven! :)

The frames above my bed are really 25 cent postcards that Mom and I framed. We are real bargain hunters! My bed frame came from the flea market!

My cute dog Sophie but don't let her fool you! She thinks she is Queen Bee!

My dresser with my pretty little teacups from Anthropologie.

Chair & Ottoman.

My beautiful chair and ottoman. I love the story behind my chair. My mother quit her full-time job so that she could be home to take care of me. My Mom as always said that it may not be a glamorous gift, but God gave her the gift of cleaning and organization. Several years ago, she began cleaning homes for a little extra money but it still gave her the option to be at home when she needed to be. When she began, she said, "Wouldn't it be neat, if I cleaned elderly people's homes, who just can't do it themselves and need help?" Guess what? All of her homes are elderly, who are unhealthy and can't do it themselves anymore. God is amazing isn't He?! Anyway, back to the of her little ladies is terrible at keeping old junk. Mom saw this old, terribly ugly chair in her spare room and asked her is she wanted to keep it. Mrs. Coshatt explained that she didn't want it anymore but had no way to get it out of her house. So, Mom cleaned her house for free in exchange for the chair! Dad went and picked it up and Mom had it re-upholstered and it was a Christmas present! Neat, huh?

Yes, I have a fireplace in my bedroom! I am a lucky girl!! And there is my good and faithful Teddy. We have been through a lot together.

The view from my bed. I painted the picture in the window.

My window up close.

My favorite spot is my corner book shelf.

I was standing beside my bed when I took the photo to the left. It is a little foyer, type, thing.

My dressing table. It is so nice. It is also a bargain. It came from Big Lots and we
spruced it up with some cute knobs from Anthropologie.

This is what it looks like when you come into my room. Maybe I should I have put this photo first, haha! You can't see them very well but in this photo above the armoire and above my bed, I have two crystal chandeliers. They were my great grandmothers. She got them when they used to collect books of stamps and could purchase items.

My Bathroom!! My favorite!! I took more photos but as you can tell, I am certainly, no photographer and the photos weren't very attractive but that is an actual sink from the 1940's!! I was so happy when we found it! We found it at an estate sale and the nice lady just gave it to me for free! :)

Very bad photo!! But I wanted you to see my shower curtain! It is from Anthropologie...can you tell that I love that store? The basket of toiletries is actually a planter. Like I said, terrible photo but I hope you get the idea!

Do you see the re-occurring theme of Anthropologie? ha! It is my favorite store!

And this is where I daydream and spend my days when I not feeling very well. As you can see, if I am going to be sick, I am doing it in grand style!

Love, Heather


Soul Anchor said...

what an awesome tour of your bedroom heather!!! it's polyvore worthy!!! it's so cozy and i love each and every detail - especially your pretty book shelf -- and the bed is one where i'd love to jump and have pillow fights! thanks for visiting my blog sweetie! wishing you a greaaaaaat weeeekend! (affirming it before hand!) love ya!

Soul Anchor said...

and i want to congratulate your parents for the great job they did on the room (and you too!) and on raising such a sweet and amazing girl in you!!!!! ever so inspiring!

laitae said...

Such a sweet and girly room, Heather!I especially love your bathroom, the sink is fantastic! Your post reminded me of my Father's efforts to create bedroom for me. It was about 1986-87, he made most of my furniture (desk, bed, cupboards) himself and I received this haven for Christmas:) Since I moved from my parents' house a few years ago, that room changed, but memories are still alive:) Nice to see how you live sweetie:) Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog:) Take care:)A.

Soul Anchor said...

just dropping by to say hi!!! wishing you a great week ahead! mwah hugs :D

nv said...

i am SO jealous of your room! its gorgeous! I found you through polyvore I'm envyyy* and I have a fashion blog too :P we should trade links! love the blog

Mlle-Prekopova said...

i love your bedroom ! so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! This is EVERY girls absolute DREAM, DREAM! bedroom! There is NO way it is in a basement! :)
Your parents are PRECIOUS for all the effort, and attention to detail (I'm sure you did quite a bit, too!). :)
It is like an entire SUITE at a B&B! Don't get me wrong, as a sister-in-chronic-pain, I know that a 'gilded cage' is still a 'cage'. However, it is like you said: If you have to be ill, at least you are doing it 'in style'.
~ HveHope

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather~
I 'commented' about this post as follows:


A lovely little 'retreat' to 'escape' to work in. It was nice to see how it all came together.
Just yesterday I came across another young ladies' 'retreat' (used for a different kind of 'work'), that reminded me of your efforts here. Perhaps you have seen it:
"It is a dream come true."
"Each day is one that is full of God’s beautiful gift of Hope, something He continues to pour into my heart more abundantly than the day before."
The Studio: Almost Finished
Breezy on 23 Oct 2009

grateful for His strength, HveHope

Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read that article. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such stories. I love to read articles like this. Just add some pics :)

For the Love of a Cottage said...

What a lovely space. Very peaceful.

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