Wednesday, January 7, 2009

December; I know I 'm late!

Nadiya so kindly reminded me that I should update because it has been so long and I have been thinking that I should too but my life has been pretty boring. :) I do have few photos from Christmas to share.

This is my Christmas tree in my room with all of packages! They were all wrapped in white paper and silver and pastel ribbons with snowflakes and crystal garland! I was very impressed; if i say so,myself!

Decorating my tree. :) This is me at my finest ladies and gentlemen. That crown is actually my tree topper. I have a crown has a tree topper because all through high school I was a beauty pageant queen. Pageants were my drug of choice and I had my platform for Miss America all planned by the age of 13! haha! That feather boa is one the many tree garlands that I put on my tree. I have found that am obsessed with tree garland! Especially beautifully colored beads and pearls.

These are my two favorite ornaments. To the left is my finding my angel wings, which I forgot that I had and my mom just happened to snap the camera! :) And this is the Sugar-Plum fairy from the Nutcracker.

Me and Haley all dressed up to go see the Rockettes! It was a lot fun.
It was me, my mom, aunt, grandmother and cousin. My favorite routine the Rockettes preform is most definitely "The Twelve Days of Christmas"! It was amazing. I tried searching on youtube for a good clip of the routine but they were all pretty poor qulaity and didn't do it justice. But trust me it was awesome!

These were my lovely accessories for the evening. My shoes! I loved! What made them even better is that I got them on sale at Target for $8! My necklace is from Forever 21. They have awesome jewelry for really great prices. My brooch was my Mom's from ages ago. I borrowed it for the night. And my clutch, well I bought it ages ago at Belk's for like $5, after Christmas! My jacket that I have on is Guinivere from Anthropolgie. (On sale purchases only from that store!!)

A highlight of my Christmas break was meeting sweet Baby Jay! :) My very best friend in the entire world, Becca, had her first baby. Becca and I have been friends since we were 13. She marrried her highschool sweetheart. We cheered together and he played football and now they are both teachers. Storybook,or what?
And fianlly my good buddies Kim (who I stayed with in Maryland when I went to the doctor), K-Co, and our friend Kevin who sings like an angel and lives in Ocean view home near Seaside in Destin, Florida. He is such a sweetie! He lets us 3 girls totally mooch off of him for a week every summer! :) The only day we could all see each other was on the 26th but I had gotten pretty sick on Christmas day and didn't think I was going to be able to see these great people came to me and we had our little party in my room!

Okay, there is a little salt and pepper of my December! :)


Soul Anchor said...

hi heather! finally some quiet time to catch up on things that were left behind over the busy holidays. your pictures look so fun! and i'm glad to see you happy and smiling. i haven't been creating sets in polyvore (the way i was crazy-inspired before). but i do keep in touch with the people that matter. and it is heartwarming to see your smiles and the celebrations you did over the holidays. and i must say, the picture with you and the baby is touching. love you dearie!

tea. said...

Glad you had a nice holiday. I'm so jealous...your bargains sound terrific.
~IndieTea (from Polyvore)

The Accessory Lady said...

Love those shoes! Great accessories. And your tree is super cute. Wish you a wonderful '09.

Soul Anchor said...

hi sweetie! just thinking of you tonight. i hope you are feeling better and i want you to know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. miss you at polyvore. God bless you always. love - karen

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