Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I love a good party! What about you?

How about a fun, light-hearted post, huh? Yeah, I think so too. :)

I love a good party! My Mom and I love to throw them! I love planning the menu and the theme. I love getting out our crystal plates and punch bowl. I LOVE that all the people I love are gathered together in one room. The only thing that I don’t love about parties is the after party clean up job. That part isn’t much fun!

My Mom has always thrown big birthday parties for me and my sister, Haley. I love looking through photos and seeing the themes that she came up with each year. She is a pretty spectacular and creative person. So, my love for parties started pretty early. I guess my love of parties was revitalized when I was a Senior in high school and I threw a friend a surprise party. Over the last few years, we have had wedding showers and lingerie showers at our home as well as several over the top Christmas parties for my friends as well as my sister’s.

But no party even comes close to the last one we had in October of 2007. It was an amazing party for a pretty amazing feat! Okay, so I am going to try and explain this amazing party as lady-like as possible because I know that a couple of gentlemen read this and well…it is the Internet! Two years ago, after years and years of being completely frustrated, embarrassed and uncomfortable I decided to finally have a breast reduction. It was by far, one of the BEST decisions that I have ever made. Because I was now ridden of these “burdens” I decided to have a party and celebrate the magnificent milestone. So, I had a “Burn the Bra Party”. And I have to say, it was pretty fantastic!

My friends, family, family friends…everyone came! It was very much, “out with big, old grannies and in with the new, pretty and feminine!” ha!

Here are some photos from the party.

BRA 004 BRA 002

The table with all the goodies! We love good party food!

BRA 020

How lucky am I? Look at those girls! I am so blessed to have so many people love me!

BRA 024

Grammy, Aunt Ginger, Mom, Cindy, Leslie, & Gwen

bra party 006 BRA 051

See, I told you! Here is the burning of the old, ugly & granny and in with the new pretty and feminine! Great memories!

What about you guys? Are there any parties that stand out in your memory as being really spectacular?

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quietspirit said...

When I turned the BIG 5-0. The ladies in my Bible Study I attended threw me a surprise party.
I was surprised. We were going to take turns leading the study. I chose the night before my birthday because I knew we weren't going to take a trip then. We had spent the Sunday-the day before- moving my dad and stepmother into a house from a mobile home and we were tired. Each of the ladies had an idea about how I could use their gift to me. Of course each one was about turning 50. :)

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