Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is wonderful thing.

Hello & Good morning. Did you all have a nice Valentine's? I hope so. Here is a little look at my Valentine's Weekend.

My parents gave me The Time Traveler's' Wife. Have any of you seen it? I really like it. The book is good too. Mom put some heart-shaped Reese Cups in with the movie. I wanted to take a picture of one to show you guys-they were so cute! But all I have left are my empty wrappers! Oh well!

It snowed on Friday! Not a lot where I live but south of us got several inches. It was so pretty.

My sister got roses from her boyfriend. I was only a teeny bit jealous! ha!

I finally was able to use Alli's precious camera bags! Yay! I put a Valentine message on a pink tag and tied it to a roll of film. The message directed Mom to go into the office and look on the computer. The computer had this website pulled up. It is a place where you can send in all your old photos and have them re-touched and put on disc. When they are done, they send you the originals and your discs! Mom is super excited. I had read about the company in last month's Real Simple magazine. We are going to try and start organzing some photos this week!

And what Valentine weekend would be complete without a photo of Holly!


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