Wednesday, August 18, 2010

an answer to my waiting.

A mighty answered prayer needs to be shared!!!

This prayer request has been answered! It is something that my family and I have prayed and hoped for, for 10 years now. Last Thursday, it was answered!

The new doctor in Atlanta has written orders for me to receive IV fluids several times a month. IV fluids have proven to be very helpful for me over the years but most doctors (and I not sure why!) do not want to prescribe this method of treatment. Because I do not respond well to medications, the fluids will help build blood volume, thus increasing blood pressure and help me feel a little better.

The IV fluids work fast and their effects are not drastic but I am less symptomatic when I receive fluids and I am generally more physically comfortable.  The effects of the fluids do not last very long, though. I will most likely get a 1 to 2 day reprieve from my most uncomfortable symptoms, like dizziness, faintness, headaches and nausea. Although, the fluids are not a cure-all, lets face it, a little bit of a good thing is better than nothing at all!
Needless to say, I am so happy and I can't wait to begin this new treatment.

Thank you for your diligent prayers my sweet friends. Praise God for His mercy and goodness.

When I was waiting quietly for the Lord, His heart was turned to me, and He gave ear to my cry.
 Psalm 40:1


Yasmin said...

So happy for you - bless God for answered prayers! :-)

The Atwoods said...

God still answers prayers! :) So happy for you, Heather. Praying the IV fluids will make you feel much, much better.

The Pilston's said...

Wonderful news, maybe you will feel up to doing something again. It's so awesome to see light breaking through the clouds!

quietspirit said...

Praise the Lord.

Kelly said...

PTL! I'm so happy for you!

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