Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Life: Week 2

The 2nd week of my Project Life.

January 9
Oh, that Snow Storm was just awful...please note the sarcasm! Other parts of the state got snow. We just had a little dusting of ice.

January 10
See all those little dots on my iTouch calender? I look like a super-cool, busy girl! Yeah, I'm not! Those are reminders for television shows that I want to see. I am such a nerd! (And the one show I really wanted to see last week, Off the Map (because I love Zach Gilford) I felt asleep and missed it!
But I did learn how to take screen shots with my iTouch and that does makes me feel super-cool!

January 11
Bad Day. I had a horrible migraine. I don't know what I would do without Relpax. It is better than sliced bread!

January 12
Holly asleep while I amuse myself online. My parents gave me this super cute Vera Bradley laptop case in Buttercup. I love it.

January 13
This is my favorite picture of me and my sister, Haley. She has been really busy lately and I feel like I haven't seen her in a while! This picture is so old!

January 14
Tori's pageant was on Friday and I am happy to report that I was able to attend! I had her Mom email me this photo because I didn't get to take a photo with her at the pageant while she was still in her dress. I was so disappointed!
She did a great job and we all yelled so loud for her! She looked absolutely beautiful! She even said she might do it again next year! 

January 15
Mom  and I ate P.F. Chang's and watched the Miss America pageant. I loved Miss Nebraska from the start. I am so glad she won! I can't believe she is only 17. She carried herself very well. Mom's favorite was Miss Arkansas, so we had a fun rivalry during the pageant.
My fortune cookie said "Happiness is on its way."

Thanks for stopping by y'all. I know I have such a crazy life that you just cant keep up! ha!
Have a great week and if you want to link up with your Project Life just click the button below.



Kelli said...

oooh I love fun shows on TV...in fact I'm sadly addicted to Teen Dramas! Right now I'm watching Roswell on Netflix. :) I love that you watch the pageant with your mom...what a fun activity! Thanks for stopping by my blog ;)

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

I hope you're feeling better :)

My daughter and I watch the Miss America pageant every year and of course we were cheering on our home state of Arkansas.

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