Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Life Week 4

I cannot believe this is the 4th week of Project Life! And what really rocks my world is that I have actually managed to take a photo each day. So, here is a look at Week 4.

Sunday, January 23
This is Holly's toy box. It is an old hatbox that I decided would be a cute place to keep all of her toys. Her favorite toy is her sock monkey. And despite how sweet, fluffy and precious my sweet Holly is, the girl has it out for her toys! Seriously. No toys last more than a few weeks. I have been waiting for her cute sock monkey to bite the dust. And as luck would have it, the very next day, I found pieces of Mr. Sock Monkey all over my bedroom.

Monday, January 24
Holly's dog food has been discontinued. So, I had to find her a new brand. I was worried that she wouldn't like the new food. Well, apparently she hated the old food! I mix the two foods together so that the transition would be a little more gentle on her stomach. Big mistake! Her food is everywhere because she meticulously picks out and eats the new food and leaves the rest for me to clean up...again, again & again.

Tuesday, January 25
Oh, the bad day. Not much more to say about Tuesday, except how good that ice cream was! 

Wendesday, January 26
I don't mind picking up her food when she waits for me on the edge of my bed like this. When I get up, Holly always comes and gets in my spot and waits for me. I think it is so sweet. I am totally in love my girl.

Thursday, January 27
I have been feeling pretty bad the last week or so and fainting last Tuesday didn't help things but I try to look on the bright side. Like, when I am too sick to eat at the table, I get to eat in bed and my Mom fixes me yummy things to eat. Things like a roast beef, provolone cheese & onion panini. (She fixes me yummy things to eat on other days too, btw!) 

Friday, January 28
I have just recently discovered the television show, Brothers & Sisters thanks to Netflix. I watched the first four seasons last week. Where have I been? I love this show. I am such a nerd. I have only watched one television show from start to finish. I usually, A) don't learn about the show until much later into its run or B) quit watching the show before it ends because I get bored with it. I am a strange girl.
PS: How messy can my bedside table get?!

Saturday, January 29
I have been on an orange kick lately. These oranges are so good. They are perfectly juicy and remind me of summer. I will admit that I do eat two at a time because they are so good. One just isn't enough.

As always, I am linking up at Jessica's blog today. Happy Project Life Tuesday everyone!



Kelli said...

oranges yum. holly is hilarious. and now for the goods. My netflix love affair and what I love to watch:

1. I've seen all of Buffy. I think I watched season 4 real time years ago..can't remember.

2. Watching Prison Break now. Good, but intense, I can only watch one show a night.

3. Veronica Mars ~ Loved IT!

4. Dawson's Creek. Now I didn't see this on Netflix, I actually bought the DVDs...old school I know. But still didn't watch in real time.

5. Lost. yeah seriously, I didn't watch it in real time AT ALL!

6. I have Alias and Gilmore Girls in my queue, hoping they go to Instant Play.

Anyways those are just some of my faves! LOL I'll have to check out Brothers and Sisters.

The only thing I watch religiously in real time is So You Think You Can Dance. LOL

Kelli said...

Oh and Happy Project Life Tue!

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