Monday, July 11, 2011

A little thank you and an update

Dear Friends
Thank you all so much. I was so overwhelmed by each and every comment, email and message that I have received for you all this week. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart. You all remind me constantly that I have so many people who care about me and love me. It is so amazing to know that I have so many prayers being said on my behalf. 
Thank you so, so much.
That just doesn't seem to be enough...but thank you.

I had an appointment this past Wednesday with a Rheumatologist. I don't know how it happened but I have had TWO AMAZING doctors' visits in a row! Seriously, that is a record that has not been set in my 13 years of being a professional patient. :) He was very kind and thorough. He talked from the moment he opened the door. He was a walking encyclopedia. He knew a lot of information. He was especially kind and I found him very attentive. He is trying me on two new medicines that may help with my fatigue! I am excited. Cautiously so, but excited nevertheless. 

My Mom and I thanked him before we left for being so kind and for believing me. And this was my favorite part...he looked up and said, 
"Doctors are crazy. You aren't. Your were obviously a lively young lady-cheering, school friends-you had a life. Why would you give that up for this? I believe you. And you believe in yourself because we are going to try and make you feel better."

I really don't think I can add anymore to that. So, I will let the doctor's beautiful words linger on your mind. They make me happy.

I do go tomorrow and Wednesday for GI tests. Nothing too involved...just some CT scans and blood work. Please be in prayer that something will show up and the GI doctor can begin to treat these spells.
Thank you friends. I love you all more than you know.


Tracy said...

I'm excited too! I would love to hear that you have gotten some relief. It's time for good things to happen for you!

quietspirit said...

This is GOOD news. When we receive comments from a doctor like that we feel relieved that someone is there to help us. Praise the Lord.

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