Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good News & Bad News...

I am using the words of my doctor.

Okay, I had my *lovely* (please not sarcasm!) colonoscopy last Wednesday. The prep on Tuesday was not nearly as terrible as I had feared; thank goodness! I had imagined that it was going to be awful! I was feeling a little weak as the day went on because I couldn't maintain my fluid balance and my blood pressure dropped a little bit but I didn't have a spell. 
My appointment was at 6am on Wednesday. I will schedule all my future tests that early if I can. It was so nice because I was the first patient-so I was in and out; there wasn't much waiting. So nice.

My colonoscopy was great. No abnormalities whatsoever. Which is great for the obvious reason, no one wants something wrong but bad because we still don't know what is making me have those horrible spells!  
Obvious things are all coming back as normal. As crazy as this sounds I just want them to come in the room as say, "We have smoking gun!" And show me abnormal blood tests or point to a scan and say, "Ah, here it is!"
I have faith that God heard our prayer that first appointment with the GI doctor and He will eventually lead me through this valley. But my goodness, I am not patient!


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alli/hooray said...

Heather, I know what you mean about wanting answers. I've had a couple of sudden health issues this year, and I would go into appointments just wishing it was this or that, for the sake of knowing what it was (as silly as that sounds!). Sending you prayers.

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