Sunday, August 14, 2011

a little of this and that

Oh, where to begin...well I have been back to the ER but I must tell you that I am glad I went. It was just a "God thing". The ER doctor was so nice. I was doubled over in pain and crying and he patted me on the back and said that he had read over my records and had seen that I had just been hospitalized and had a lot of tests done but that they had all come back normal. He said, obviously we -the doctors-are missing something here.
Then he looked at me and said, "Would you like me to keep searching for you?" I just started sobbing even harder. It was so kind. I felt like someone wanted to fight with me. He didn't find anything in the ER that night but he did give me the name of Pelvic Pain specialist that treats, "difficult cases". 
I really feel God had this planned. I am praying that this new specialist will see something that others have yet too see. I don't have an appointment with him until January but his office said there are cancellations all the time and I probably wouldn't have to wait that long. However, I am not in a rush to see him right away because I want the GI doctor to be able to complete all of his tests.

Speaking of the GI doctor, I go this Wednesday for a colonoscopy. I don't dread the actually procedure...just the day before while I prepare! Ick! I am a little nervous that all of the medicines that I will take to cleanse my intestines may provoke a spell. So, I am a little nervous about that. 

I have been struggling a little emotionally. Just the wear and tear of dealing with the unknown and also the fact that once again, it is time for school to begin and I have been unable to enroll. That always is a difficult thing for me. I want to return to school so badly. But I am encouraged daily by the lovely messages and prayers that are sent my way from friends and strangers alike. It is so touching to know that so many are loving me through prayer. Can there be a better way to show love for someone? I think not.

In other news, I have been Gluten Free (GF) for six weeks. I have know about Gluten Fee living for about ten years because we have a family friend that has Celiac Disease.  Mom and her friends have little luncheons and small parties for our group of family friends, so my Mom has cooked a little gluten free food for the last several years. So, it was not as hard to make the change to GF since I was a little familiar with it. There are actually a lot of positive things about being GF! One is that I get to make a couple of trips to Whole Food! Love that place!! We go a couple of times a month. I just love going in there. I also get home made, fresh baked bread each week. And lastly but maybe most importantly, I can feel a little proactive in my battle against feeling so crummy!

Another thing that I am doing -nutrition wise- for treating my POTS, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue is that I am avoiding aspartame like the plague. That hasn't been too difficult except for the fact that I LOVE Fresca! Ah! That is just heavenly fizz in a can! And it made with aspartame, so no more for me. I am however getting a lot more water these days! So that is good.

I am still not able to go a lot of places. Mom and I did make small errand run last week. (The day that I went to the ER actually.) I am not up and about in the house like I would like to be. I still eat some meals in bed. But I am able to be online and I have been on Polyvore a lot lately! That is always a step in the right direction.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and love. I can't say it enough. Thank you. Thank you.


The Pilston's said...

You need to hit up dreamcakes in homewood. They can make delicious cupcakes minus anything you are trying to avoid. there is also a bunch of mixes (pancake, muffin)at Target that are allergen free. There are several blogs with recipes for special diets. I felt so much better when I gave up diet coke for lent. It was crazy the effect aspartame has on the body. Alas, I fell of the wagon and went back to drinking diet coke. I hope these changes bring you some relief. Love you as always! Call me when you are headed to Whole Foods some time!

Kelli said...

ok we are destined to be friends, I'm now convinced! My hubby is GF! And last April I went GF too because I was having chronic stomach issues. Now I can say that occasionally with chocolate I get the stomach issue back, but for the most part, it's completely gone! I LOVE GF!

I eat Rudi's bread, their hamburger buns are awesome. I like Udi's took, but recently discovered Rudi's and it's amazing!

I make a mean GF rice pizza, that my son loves. However my hubby's favorite is Pamela's or Bob's GF pizza dough. It's not that hard to make, and if you like barbeque sauce, with chicken and a little bit of purple onion...OMG, awesome deliciousness.

I also discovered at our health food store some GF rice tortillas...they are better then flour ones, great for wraps, or quesadillas :)

Email me if you have a quesiton and we can chat and come up with stuff if there is something you're missing that you ate before ;)

YAY! A GF buddy. You'll be happy that you went GF I promise!


Kelli said...

my hubby has celiac. I however do not just a preference.

quietspirit said...

I had that test early in July. I also did not care for the preparation, no one does. My dad had colo-rectal cancer; It is advisable for me to have that test every so often.

Erin said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. Still been thinking and praying about you! I'm so thankful you had that sweet ER doctor. Nice doctors make a WORLD of difference.

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