Monday, July 25, 2011

A Hospital Recap

I was so happy to come home last week! Little Holly was pretty excited to see me too! She has been so clingy since I got home. She doesn't let me out of her sight. It is so sweet.

My family sent me these beautiful flowers while I was in the hospital. Everyone that came in my room commented on how beautiful they were. I was glad that they were still so beautiful when I brought them home. Today is the first day that they have started to wilt. 

Okay, so I guess this all began last Saturday night. We decided after I went to see the GI doctor that anytime my stomach starts to hurt, we were going to pack up and head to the ER. The doctor on Saturday night was very nice and gave me Zofran for nausea and something for pain. It did help and the pain seemed to be better when we left but I think the pain medicine just delayed the inevitable because the pain returned Sunday evening and we found ourselves headed back to the ER. I had another doctor and he too was equally as nice and gave me something for pain and nausea. The pain didn't get better. It was terrible. Mom said that I was not quite myself and I fainting 7 or 8 times while I was laying down in the ER.
After a couple of hours, the doctor came in and told us that my white count was up to 18,000. A normal white count is about 10,000. He told us that he was concerned because that was a very high WBC, saying that people with pneumonia had a WBC of 15,000 and since I had been to the ER 3 times this month, severe pain and such a high WBC, I needed to be admitted. I have to admit I was a little relieved because I was still so sick. 
I was in terrible pain until about 9:30 am on Monday when I got terribly  sick. After that my pain seemed to ease a little bit.

The doctor that was in charge of my case at the hospital was very thorough. I had tests run all week. Lots of tests! Everything came back completely normal except for one test. An MRI of my Pitituary Gland. It did show some "thickenining" on the back side of the gland. I will need to see an Endocrinologist to make sure all of my hormone levels are fine but it isn't anything that I have to worry about. I will just have to have periodic MRIs and blood tests to make sure everything is okay.

But they didn't find anything that would suggest what these "spells" are that I have. I was so glad that all of tests came back good but I really do want an answer. I was hoping they would find something to explain these horrible episodes that I have.

The GI doctor called Friday and told me that some blood work they had drawn had come back negative. They did a particular test for a disorder called Hereditary Angioedema ( HAE) and I was hoping that would come back positive because these "spells" fit that disorder entirely. I was very disappointed. I had pinned my hopes on that test coming back as positive.

I have a follow up appointment with the GI doctor this Wednesday. I am hoping to discuss some further tests and options for treatment.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support. I feel like a broken record-but they really do mean so much to me. Your kindness and compassion really does my heart such good.
Thank you so much.

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The Pilston's said...

I have been such a horrible friend! I hope you are feeling better. I want to bring Barrett to meet you. I want him to know you, you are such an incredible person!

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