Wednesday, July 20, 2011

no place like home

There is no place like home. Truly.
I am so happy to be back home and take a nice long, hot shower and sleep in my own bed...and see my sweet Holly!

Thank you so much for your prayers and for reaching out to me over the last few days. I cannot even begin to tell you how uplifted I felt knowing I had dear people praying for me.

I don't have much new from the doctor. They did a lot of tests and were able to rule out some things.
I am still waiting on some lab work to come we will see...

I promise to give a better update in the next couple of days. I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers and love.



The Atwoods said...

So glad you're home, Heather! I hope you are able to rest better in your own bed and with your sweet Holly by your side! Will keep praying for the Doctor's to receive lots of wisdom so that you can start feeling better!

lynjane said...

Hi Heather, I read your blog regularly but up until now I decided not to comment, mainly because I never could really find any suitable words, but always I am inspired by your courage. I really do pray that these new specialists might come up with something negative that turns positive if you know what I mean....some 'not quite normal' test result that will give them something to work on. You truly deserve to have some permanent respite from these 'spells' and a beautiful onward journey through your life. You are a very special young lady and a true inspiration.
warm hugs from Scotland....Lyn x x x

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